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Pediatric Dentistry – Channahon, IL

Making the First Dental Experience Fun

From routine checkups to fluoride treatments and dental sealants, our pediatric specialist at Grand Dental – Channahon can fulfil all of your child’s dental needs – and all while making sure they enjoy themselves! We’ve done everything we can to create a child-friendly environment, so your little one has a positive experience that they can build on with children's dentistry in Channahon, IL.

Why Choose Grand Dental - Channahon for Pediatric Dentistry?

Children’s Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Cavities are considered a very common childhood disease. They can lead to serious pain and developmental problems when left alone, but as long as your child is receiving dental checkups and cleanings on a regular basis, we can take care of the smaller dental issues early on so that more costly treatments aren’t needed later.

Age One Dental Visit

Father brushing daughter’s teeth while dentist looks on

Did you know that with every year that passes by before your child first visits the dentist, their risk for tooth decay increases substantially? For that reason, we encourage you to schedule a dental appointment no later than their first birthday. As we examine and clean their teeth, we’ll help them get used to the sights and sounds of our office. We’ll also go over potential developmental issues and other oral health topics that every parent should be aware of.

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Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

Dental sealants are typically placed between ages 5 and 7 when the first molars come in. Molars are the teeth that are generally the most vulnerable to cavities because their location and grooved surfaces make them hard to clean. Once a sealant has been placed and hardened, it can protect the tooth for many years.

Fluoride Treatment

Child receiving fluoride treatment

When the teeth are exposed to fluoride, they become stronger and more resistant to decay. How much fluoride is your child being exposed to? If they’re not getting enough through food, water, and oral hygiene products, we can quickly (and most importantly, painlessly) apply fluoride gel during their regular checkups.

Athletic Mouthguards

Teen with athletic mouthguard hanging from football helmet

Who doesn’t want to support their child’s love of sports and other athletic activities? To make sure your child is well-protected while they’re having fun, make sure to ask us about our custom-made sportsguards. Each oral appliance can be personalized for your child’s comfort so that they can speak and breathe comfortably.

Frenectomies/Lip & Tongue Tie

Mohter holding baby after frenectomy treatment

Infants and younger children may have pieces of tissue that stop them from moving their lips and tongues correctly, leading to problems while breastfeeding or affecting their oral development in other ways. During a frenectomy, we gently remove a small portion of the tissue so that your child can move their mouth more easily.

Pulp Therapy

Preteen girl smiling after pulp therapy

When your child has a toothache, an examination might reveal a problem with their dental pulp. Removing the damaged portions of the pulp can stop the pain and might be a necessary step to preserving the tooth. Rest assured that we’ll rebuild the structure of the tooth afterwards so that your child’s dazzling smile is still intact.

Sedation Dentistry for Children

Many children are uncomfortable with the sights and sounds of a dental office, and some can become anxious after a traumatic dental experience. We may recommend a mild sedative to calm your child down during routine appointments or other treatments. Sedation can also help if your child has trouble sitting still for long periods of time.

Special Needs Dentistry

Child with special needs in Channahon

Children with special needs are defined as those who have emotional, behavioral, physical, and developmental conditions. These issues often make it difficult for these children to perform normal daily tasks and functions. One of the most familiar challenges is dental care, but our team at Grand Dental – Channahon is here to help. Our board-certified pediatric dentist has years of experience and training to ensure your child’s safety while working to provide them with exceptional dental care for optimal oral health.

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